How To Connect to the SSL Servers

Connecting over SSL is slightly different than connecting normally. You'll have to change the server address to,, or, depending on your location. You'll also need to change your port to 563, 80, or 81. If your newsreader has an SSL option, you'll want to make sure that is enabled as well.

Not all newsreaders support SSL connections, so you'll need to make sure your newsreader client does prior to connecting. 

To summarize, follow these steps to connect to SSL:

  1. Make sure your newsreader supports SSL
  2. Change the server address to,, or
  3. Change the port to 563, 81, or 80
  4. Check any box in your newsreader for SSL

 If you get errors related to the SSL certificate being invalid then you may want to switch newsreaders. Some readers, such as Binreader, don't properly handle SSL connections to our server and throw these warnings.

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    When setting up  to connect to your SSL Servers (port 563) I get this error message:

    "SSL verification error. This could mean something bad, like a man-in-the-middle attack. However it is more likely that your provider forgot to install a proper SSL certificate ..."

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    yeah i get this too..what is the solution

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