Resetting Your Password

One of the most common issues that our support team sees is password problems. We receive a lot of tickets where customers can't remember their password, can't get their password to work, etc. We want to make our service as easy to use as possible, so we're going to give you some detailed instructions for resetting your password.

This is important! You will need an active account to reset your password. If your account has been canceled or closed then you'll need to reopen your account before you can reset your password.


When Should You Reset Your Password?

You should follow the process below to reset your password when...

  • You can't remember your current password
  • You think someone might have guessed your password


Steps to Resetting Your Password

It's actually very simple to reset your password.

1. Just visit our site at

2. Click on the Forgot Password link under the Log In button to start the reset process.

3. You will then see the form to enter your email address. Enter the email address that you have on file with us and submit.

4. Then you should check your email to see the new password that we have generated for you. This new password will allow you to log in to the website as well as the news servers. You can certainly login to our website and change the password to anything that you want.

Feel free to submit support tickets if this isn't clear enough or doesn't cover your specific situation.

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    The instructions in this article only reset the web password and not the NNTP password.  i've submitted multiple support tickets over the past two weeks for resetting my nntp password.  so far my attempts to reach out to support have been snubbed.   It should not be this hard to change a password!  

  • 1

    NNTP password resets appear to be broken, twice in 24 hours. 

    If there is a suggested wait time of 10 minutes of more it would be suggested to add that the to reset landing page on the web portal. 

    If the issue is a customer is retrying too many times and locking their account up on unsyncing it, than the issue needs to be addressed because at that point it requires intervention with a helpdesk specialist to cure the account. Please address ?

  • 2

    I also had trouble resetting my password - kept getting "502 Access Denied. Please check your login/pw". Opened a ticket and was told password changes take 10 minutes to go through the system. Sure enough, after waiting for 10-15 minutes after password reset, it worked fine.

    This info should be clearly stated here, and highlighted!

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    Nuno Campos

    Hello. I'm trying to reset my password, but I'm not receiving the email with new password.

  • 0
    Dee Cee

    Very very confusing.  I want a reset and you say you will SEND me new password generated by you.  What is this password for?  To enter my Newsgroup Direct account?  Form?  Anything to do with logging in on my GhostPath app?  Please advise at I have been UNABLE to get any EMail to go thru to newsgroupdirect or



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